The Palette of Perpetual Hope

There is an open sky for a human being at the end of a life, as well as an open ground. We give our ached, tortured body to the land. We trust our hopes, dreams and fate to reach cosmic spheres. This is noble in us, that we never give up, despite so many obstacles in life. We always hope for a better future. We are often confused from harsh reality. Skepticism keeps us untrusting which time to time breaks our spirit and takes all the energy from us. Then again, we’ll get all overfilled with new energy and strive for perfection. We artists are lucky that we could release ourselves with our creations from social structure and give ourselves freedom from reality. My image of a woman in my creation is a symbol of a strong soul – a symbol of fate and hope. She is also a symbol of protest against a dominated society which is, in spite of progress with technology, degraded in real sense.