1972 Tbilisi, Georgia USSR (Group Show)
1973 Tbilisi, Georgia USSR (Group Show)
1974 Tel Aviv, Israel (Group Show)
1978 Haifa, Israel (Group Show)
1980 Parsons Exhibition Center, New York, NY (Group Show)
1980 Lynn Kottler Galleries, New York, NY (Solo Show)
1981 Giron, Israel (Father & Daughter Show)
1981 The Sloan Gallery of Art, Denver CO (Group Show)
1983 Tossan-Tossan Gallery, New York, NY (Group Show)
1984 Tossan-Tossan Gallery, New York, NY (Group Show)
1985 168 Mercer, New York, NY (Group Show)
1985 Galleria Maray, New Jersey (Group Show)
1985 Mussavi Art Center, New York, NY (Group Show)
1986 Mussavi Art Center, New York, NY (Group Show)
1987 International Society, Tbilisi, Georgia (One Woman Show : Women for Georgia for Peace & Life)
1997 Euro American Galleries, New York, NY (One Woman Show)
2003 Rutgers University Center, New Jersey (Group Show)
2004 NY Regional Burning Man Decompression, New York, NY (Group Show)
2009 Theater Weriko, Tbilisi, Georgia (One Woman Show)

Work in Private Collections

The Christopher D. Smithers Foundation Portraits of Adele & R. Brinkley Smithers (1993)
Robert Beir Portrait (1991), Prominent businessman & scholar
Dr. Atkins Director of Clinical Nutrition at the Atkins Center Portrait of Colette Heimowitz
Hospital for Special Surgery NYC Portrait of Steven K. Magid MD PC’s two daughters
Dr. Oskar Weg Portrait
Dr. Galina Miliner Portrait
Dr. Izia Katzap Portrait
Dr. Lova Chacidy Portrait
Dr. Aleko Sepiashvili Portrait
Dr. Merab Kriheli Portrait

Work Sold from Galleries

Sloan Gallery of Art – Denver, CO “Self Portrait” purchased by Paul Kasht 1981
Sloan Gallery of Art – Denver, CO “Mother & Child” purchased by Bill Betson 1981
Father & Daughter Show – Giron, Israel 2 paintings purchased by Lily Magal 1981
Galleria Maray – Englewood, NJ 2 paintings purchased by Gino Scozza Fava 1985

Work in Museums

Georgian Jewish History Museum – Tbilisi, Georgia “David Baazovi”
Terenty Graneli Museum – Tsalenjicha, Georgia
Vladamir Mayakovsky Museum – Bagdady, Georgia
Anne Franke House – Amsterdam, Holland
Otia Ioseliani Museum – Tskaltubo, Georgia