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    The artist, Mordechai (Misha) Janashvili was born in 1929 n Tbilisi, Georgia and passed away in Jerusalem in 1988.

    He studied at the Academy of Arts in Tbilisi and graduated with honors in 1957. His teachers were the famous artists Ucha-Japaridzeh and Professor Cornelli Sanadzeh. In 1963, he was accepted to the Board of Directors of the Association of Russian Artists. He has exhibited his works seven times in one-man exhibitions in the cities of Moscow, Russia and Tbilisi, Georgia.

    The works of the artist Mordechai Janashvili are in great demand are amongst the most famous throughout Russia and Georgia. His works have been acquired by various museums in Moscow, Tbilisi, Mayakovski and Didijikhayissi. He presented his work for the Israeli Parliament (The Knesseth) where it is now hanging.

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